In March 2003, NATWA New York and New Jersey Chapters
produced a half hour radio program, "From Prison to Power",
featuring Taiwanese Vice President Annette Lu.  This program was
broadcaset in New York City on WBAI (FM 99.5)  on 3/8/2003 as
part of International Women's Day celebration.  Similar
productions were made in the following years.  WBAI and NATWA
co-own copy right to these productions.  With permission from
WBAI, we are sharing these recordings at our website.  
Re-production for commercial use of these recordings is
2003 production: from Prison to Power

2004 production: Becoming Americans        
2005 production: Built to spill
2012 production: Ms. Hsiao's narration at WBAI
  • BikhimHsiaoWBAI.mp3
  • 英文歌 專輯-A Better World.mp3
  • 鄭宜農-去海邊.mp3
  • 英文歌 專輯-小手.mp3
  • 英文歌(54321).mp3
  • 赤大梅-蘋果.mp3
  • 厝內的風光.mp3

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    Celebrating International Women's Day   
                                   (March 8th)
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